Comprehensive Metobolic Panel (CMP)


+$6.00 Physician Fee

This expanded health profile provides a deep dive into your health to paint a more complete picture of your overall wellness. It includes tests for heart health, kidney health, liver health, bone health, diabetes risk, and other health factors. Choose a gender specific version which includes everything in the Standard test plus additional testing for Thyroid in the Women’s Profile or Prostate in the Men’s Profile.


Also included with this test is a one-on-one discussion with a doctor to review your results and set measurable and achievable heath goals.


This broad screening tool includes 14 tests that evaluate your liver, kidneys, and more to provide a picture of your overall health. The panel looks at your organ function, electrolytes, blood sugar, and blood proteins.

The CMP includes tests for:
• Liver function (ALP, ALT, AST, Bilirubin)
• Kidney function (BUN, Creatinine)
• Electrolytes and fluid balance (Sodium, Potassium, Carbon Dioxide, Chloride)
• Proteins (Albumin, Total Protein)
• Blood sugar (Glucose)
• Calcium

This test does not require fasting.