Welcome to Scheduling Your Blood Work With Orange County Labs!

We understand it may not always be easy or convenient to go for your blood testing and endure long waits in a waiting room.

Our highly professional, compassionate, and skilled phlebotomists will conveniently come to you, draw your blood and transport it back to our laboratory. Your very own personal medical laboratory!

Results are delivered to your doctor as usual. We are HIPAA Compliant.

How it works

Order your blood draw/lab tests online at this link https://orangecountylabs.com/shop or you may call us to schedule your blood draw. You may call us with any question.
You have two appointment options for your blood draw, you may come to our one of our two locations in Orange County or you we can come to you. We also offer these services at our Las Vegas location. Inquire within.

Once your test runs are complete, you will receive your test results sent directly to you.

What you may not know is that you do not have to visit your doctor to make office appointments to have lab tests ordered. Orange County Labs makes lab testing available without a physician’s order and no insurance is required. Simply order your lab tests online and schedule your appointment at your convenience.

At Orange County Labs, we make your lab testing hassle free. We provide client access and FDA approved blood tests that your physician utilizes. Many blood testing options are available from allergy to hormones to wellness panels. Test results are securely delivered to you electronically, saving you time and money.

We are CLIA approved, and results will be available in 1-3 business days on most general lab tests.

Call us directly with any questions.